Equipping Ugandan youth with sustainable income generating skills!

"Endlessly empowering the youth"

Our Mission 
Equipping Ugandan youth with sustainable income generating skills!

Our Vision
A society of empowered young people, who are economically independent, socially responsible and actively participating in the development of their communities.

Our objectives
  1. Empower Ugandan youth with entrepreneurship/economic resources to reduce unemployment.
  2. To promote and increase access to vocational education among young people to reduce job seekers and have more job creators.
  3. To employ young people with the rights and skills for successful living in the social, political and economic spheres of life.
  4. Increase young people’s access to reproductive health services and education.
  5. Create a platform to promote young people’s participation in the development of their local communities.
  6.  Our team of Lawyers engage in a variety of different tasks in promoting inclusive and sustainable growth among the youth. Tasks range from drafting legal documents, to performing research on human rights cases of the youth we are supporting, and inclusion advocacy by ensuring fair and equal treatment for all youth.

"Endlessly empowering the youth"

Infinity Hope Africa's fashion skill short course equips the youth with the knowledge, practical skills and training they require to pursue a promising career in the fashion industry. Therefore empowering them to be financially independent and self-reliant.

 Infinity Hope Africa's agriculture program provides Youth residing in rural areas of Uganda with tangible capital in the form of livestock coupled with industry and business skills in order for them to commence and sustain a successful business through farming

Infinity Hope Africa's cookery program equips the youth especially young women with practical cooking skills that definitely assist in acquiring cooking jobs in restaurants or starting up their own food ventures to help them sustain their livelihoods.  

Infinity Hope Africa engages in a variety of different tasks from drafting legal documents, performing research on human rights cases. Our goal is about key values in our society such as fairness, dignity, equality and respect among the less privileged youth under our watch to secure them from all forms of discrimination. 

Tailoring training

We train unemployed youth practical tailoring skills to help them work without a long study program in the fashion course in the institutions.

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Agriculture is one of the practical skills one can acquire without a long course at the university, its more important we identify the youth with passion for agriculture and assist them.

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Cookery training

Infinity hope Africa's objective is to equip the youth with life sustaining skills in different fields. .

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